Executive Assistant

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Job Description/Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate daily calendars and plan appointments
  2. Prepare and edit correspondence, communications, presentations and other documents
  3. Design and maintain databases
  4. File and retrieve documents and reference materials
  5. Conduct research, collect and analyse data to prepare reports and documents
  6. Manage and maintain executives’ schedules, appointments and travel arrangements
  7. Arrange and co-ordinate meetings and events
  8. Record, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings
  9. Monitor, screen, respond to and distribute incoming communications
  10. Liaise with internal staff at all levels
  11. Interact with external clients
  12. Co-ordinate project-based work


  1. English Communication and Writing skills
  2. Organizational and Planning skills
  3. Research skills
  4. Sounds knowledge of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Google Docs
  5. Ability to work with deadlines
  6. Team Player
  7. Adaptability and Initiative