Full Time or Part time opportunity

Job Description:

  1. Independent Medical Exams
    1. Hours/month: 60
    2. Generate report based on clinical exam. Exam interaction between patient and physician will be recorded on a voice file.
    3. Review Medical Records and include in report
  2. Expert Witness Reports
    1. Hours/Month: 80
    2. Review medical records
    3. Create Excel for Timeline: note relevant data from medical records: (2 Hours)
    4. Search additional data in records based on specific questions.
    5. Create report based on information provided regarding the quality of care concerns
    6. Research relevant standard of care parameters, specific to case
  3. Quality Improvement:
    1. Hours/month: 80
    2. 40 charts/month or 2 charts/day
    3. Audits patient encounters for quality of care and appropriateness of treatment
    4. Family Practice Setting
    5. Charts will be in an EMR available on line
    6. Create structured document – random review of chart based on quality metrics, notes on wrong/right antibiotic, grammar, spell check, with comments for improvements
    7. Login to system via TeamViewer
  4. Research and Continuing Medical Education
    1. Hours/Month: 10
    2. Research based on brief
    3. Complete Video and Text based Educational Activities for CME Credits


Contact: Adaga@Access2.MD