Web Developer

Job Description:

  1. Develop project deliverables and timelines, and to ensure timely completion of website
  2. Work with clients to build and refine graphic designs for websites
  3. Renovate raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/XHTML themes
  4. Determine suitable architecture, and other technical solutions
  5. Communicate with efficiency and accuracy any progress and/or delays of the project
  6. Think out-of-the-box to provide high value-of-services


  1. Basic Studies in computer science or a related field, or significant equivalent experience
  2. Experience with HTML/XHTML and CSS
  3. WordPress Experience will be an added bonus
  4. Web programming experience, including PHP, ASP or JSP
  5. Experience working with relational database systems such as MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle and a good working knowledge of SQL
  6. Development experience using extensible web authoring tools
  7. Experience developing and implementing open source software projects
  8. Self-starter with strong self-management skills
  9. Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
  10. English